Wednesday, May 26, 2010

oh yum.

As I cycled home today for my lunchbreak, I stopped off at the greengrocers to hunt for some summer fruits.

For me, one of life's simple pleasures was lived out right there in that moment of cycling on my bike, feeling like a lady because I braved wearing a skirt while cycling, and dreaming about Summer fruits. (Each morning on my way to school I pass another girl cycling on her merry way, always wearing a skirt, her hair billowing freely in the breeze as she cycles without a helmet & I have a tiny bit of envy that I don't look quite so cool on my bike.)

The greengrocers most certainly did not disappoint. I picked up some raspberries (overpriced but so pretty I couldn't resist), a yellow honeydew mango - I've never seen yellow mango's - ever, some strawberries & a lime to squeeze into a chicken & mango salad that's on the meal plan for this week.

I came home a very happy bunny, smiling at how incredible God's creation is that it should bear such deliciously sweet fruits with just a tiny bit of help & work from us.
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Bluebelle said...

That looks very healthy and tasty! Lovely summer snack. :)

PelleasAnthor said...

It looks lovely. By the way, cool is over-rated!