Wednesday, August 11, 2010


At the end of last week, I moved into the little flat that John & I will be calling home when we start married life together. Our very first home. 

I love it. Light floods into the kitchen & the lounge during the morning and bathes the lounge in its beautiful light in the evening.There's trees to be seen from every window and more cupboard space in the kitchen than I know what to do with (and that is saying something). There's a place for everything and space for us to fill as we start our life together. 

On my first night here, I had my first guests & once we had figured out the oven, we whipped up some chocolate pots. (Which we then didn't actually eat because the oven is not the fastest in the world and it really was bedtime when we started baking.)

It is amazingly quiet & peaceful here - a perfect environment for working & resting in. During the day, the tick-tocking clock in the kitchen is keeping me company with its steady rhythm. Yesterday, the five lovely children that I have been living with for the past ten months came to visit & I loved that there was enough space on our three sofas for them all to sit down. 

I am so thankful for our little home. It feels like a great gift to have a place that we love & that has space for me to prepare the final bits of our wedding. The kitchen table is currently my sewing space, adorned with brightly coloured bunting that is in the final stitching stages, soon to be taken over by orders of service to be sewn together.

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