Friday, August 13, 2010

mobile blogging

Well, this is fun! I am blogging on a train. I am facing backwards, travelling at maybe 90 miles per hour (total guess but I figure we're going much faster than a car), drinking coffee and typing. What a brilliant way to spend my Friday morning.

I thought I'd make use of my train journey up to Stoke on Trent for Lizzie's wedding tomorrow and do some designing of our order of service for our wedding. But before I get started I thought I'd write a little post.

I've got my camera in tow with an amazing lens that I have hired for my role as one of the 'official' photographers for Lizzie & Dave. I have the honour of arriving early and being part of the pre wedding fun – arranging flowers, going to the rehearsal, hanging out with the bridesmaid & the bride, all with full permission to take as many photos as I like. I am so excited!

I arrived at the station very early, which gave me some time to take a few photos in the morning sun. Sadly, blogger is being a little bit of a trickster in getting used to my dongle so only let me upload one photo. There'll be plenty more to come

So, with my camera, my laptop & a super duper dongle, I am all set for mobile blogging.

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Ben said...

supder duper ( temperamental ) dongle... I love this blog! Quite excited about the photos to come with that 24-105 BEAUTY that your packing hope you had a great time as official photographer. :)