Tuesday, January 25, 2011

saturday supper

I have mentioned before that John is a brilliant cook & is responsible for most of the culinary delights that we eat in our house. Saturday saw a new culinary delight created with the John twist, and definitely did not fail to disappoint.

He made burgers. From scratch.

And he made the bread, which was oh so perfectly soft on the inside, a tiny bit crunchy on the outside & still warm from the oven. Perfect.

Have I told you that I think he is brilliant? Well, let me say it again. John is brilliant.

The burgers? Scrumdidliumptious. 

Would you like the recipe? Well, just shout if you do, and I might just persuade the chef to come & guest post on this little space.

As for my kitchen endeavours of late, I had friends round on Friday and I made one of them wretch because she didn't like the mustard in her food (albeit subtle) and I made some very sad looking cakes. I blame it on the teaching sapping all of my abilities.


JmanKman said...


500g Mince
1 Onion
1 Celery
Some stale bread
1 egg

Blend and make into burger shapes. Coat in flour and chopped chilli.

Bake in max oven (our oven is bad)

Rolls: Allow the bread maker to make the dough, make into roll shapes and bake in max oven.

The end.

Tim & Becky said...

John – I think you need to fulfill your responsibilities to gototheendnow.blogspot.com before twirping around on someone else's.

David Barnes said...

It took me a while to extract the meaning from the triple negative, "did not fail to disappoint"!

Ben said...

Yay, when will you invite me to dinner so I can wretch over your food !? ... Or enjoy it with delight, either way an invite is required. :D

JmanKman said...

Hold on a minute:

"Did not fail to disappoint"
= "Succeeded in disappointing"