Tuesday, February 08, 2011

mini milestones

Last week I reached a couple of mini milestones on my course to become a primary teacher. The first was that I had my final observation from my university tutor. At the start of the course (which was a mere 6 months ago), I did not think I would ever become comfortable with being observed. Observed. That word alone is not particularly pretty. When you know that what comes with an observation is someone watching your every move as you try and teach a group of mildy unruly 7 & 8 year olds, and writing continuous notes on all that you are doing, & how much of a good or bad teacher you are, all on a little piece of paper, the meaning of being observation becomes even less fun. In fact, it's a little bit like permissable stalking, come to think of it! Yet, just a few months along, having been observed on a weely basis, I am finding myself become a little more accustomed and a little less anxious with each one.

Note to self: Remember that you wrote these words next time you feel sick to your stomach & like you need to drink a gallon of water in anticipation of another observation.

The second of my mini minestones was that I found out I passed my first assignment. It took a matter of seconds to find out whether my hours and hours of hard work and loss of sleep would pay off and permit me to continue with the course. In these wonderful days of modern technology, results are posted by student number in super long lists. So, you  have to search for the 6 digit number that you have been assigned, rather than looking for the name that is yours. There's something slightly impersonal about that. And they don't even write pass next to your number - it's simply a case of if your number is there, you've passed. If not, expect a letter. Thankfully my number was there. Now onto the next assignment...

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