Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bath spa university

When I started my teacher training course at Bath Spa University, one of the first things that struck me was the drive. From the entrance to the grounds up to the main house winds a long narrow road that gently undulates, along with the landscape, for one mile. On either side of the driveway are fields where cows and sheep reside, and trees of all shapes & sizes waiting to greet you. My first thought about this place was that I loved that it was in the heart of the country, not in the city that I have become so used to. I loved even more that there was  livestock to add to the beauty of the landscape, and sometimes cause blockages in the drive when they decide to venture out of the fields and get in the way of a few cars. Everytime I drove up the driveway I told myself that I needed to remember to bring my camera to capture the character of this place.

For the last few months, I have been on teaching practice in school full time, so have not had any lectures to attend. Yesterday was my first trip to uni this year, and I finally remembered to bring my camera with me. As there are not many ideal places to stop along the driveway, I had to hop out the car, put on my hazard warning lights and run to the field to take a couple of quick snaps in an effort to prevent as little traffic problems as possible.

While I won't miss the long drive to get me from Bristol to Bath, I will miss the beautiful hills surrounding my university when I finish my course in June.


Ros De Silva said...

Ahhh, pretty pretty. You are lucky to have had that lovely drive. One day you may be able to cycle it! Or run it! xx

Ben said...

For a moment there I pictured you with DSLR in one hand and steering wheel in the other! Beautiful photos - Stunning sky!