Wednesday, February 16, 2011

wedding of the weekend

On Saturday we headed to the city of Worcester to celebrate the wedding of one of John's university friends. Wonderfully, the sun came out to play, which was so refreshing to see. Oh how I love blue skies, big fluffy clouds & green hills to watch out of the car window.

Having whizzed down the motorway, we arrived in Worcester with plenty of time to pop in to visit John's great Aunt. Neither of us have ever been to her house before, and we enjoyed admiring her spacious living room with solid wood beams that were perfect head height for my tall handsome husband. I was slightly envious of the two comfy armchairs that were placed at either end of the room by the windows - perfect spots for reading as the sun shines through the windows & when the sun moves, you can simply move to the other chair! Brilliant. I can't wait for the day that I have a reading chair. And some time to read.

The wedding was a wonderful celebration. This was the first wedding we've been to since our own and I found it all the more moving to witness the lovely couple say their vows before God and their family&friends, having done so myself just a few months ago. The beautiful bride was German, so for the benefit of all her German family and friends, everything was translated. What was particularly impressive was that the English groom translated his own speech - saying a sentence in German, then in English. It was amazing to witness the joining of two people from different countries in this way and I am in awe of the way God enables us to learn a language that is not our mother tongue.

Sadly we completely failed to get a good photo of the Bride & Groom, so here's a picture of us instead!

Ok, so John says I can't not include a photo of the newlyweds in a post that is about their wedding, so here's the best of a bad bunch. Sorry for the grainyness & poor quality!

I love weddings.

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