Saturday, April 23, 2011

Docton Mill

On our first day in Devon, we paid a visit to Docton Mill. The clever sat nav failed to find the main entrance, so we followed our noses and found the back door to the kitchen. Once we had been ushered around to the garden gate by the friendly staff, we took the map of the garden and started exploring. This place was deceptively large, considering our humble entry throught the back gate. It felt a little like we were discovering the Secret Garden that lies behind the gate. It was quite simply, beautiful.

The first owners of the mill had nine children and they all shared one bedroom. (This was in the 18th Century, I think.) In the cold Winter, the dairy cow would share the living area with the family to keep warm. What an incredible scene to imagine!

I've just realised that I didn't actually take a photo of the mill - I was too enthralled by the flowers.

See what I mean? It just got better.

Then there were the streams and mini-waterfalls with little bridges to play pooh sticks on.

The path that led to the orchard was lined with the most velvety tulips I have ever seen.

And a green grassy orchard that was just beckoning me to walk across barefoot with a little skip in my step.

Once we had finished our tour of the gardens we indulged in traditional Devonshire Cream Tea. The scones were fresh from the oven, still warm and a little crumbly. We had the biggest tub of clotted cream and we ate it all. De-licious.

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Ben said...

Like a kid in a candy shop! Brilliant shots, looks like a lovely place.