Monday, April 11, 2011

hummingbird love

I got home today to find a package from Amazon on my doorstep. I was pretty sure I hadn't bought anything, but didn't completely trust my memory.

So, I got the most wonderful surprise when I opened the parcel to find this beauty inside. My mother in law knows the way to my heart.

I have The Hummingbird Bakery's last recipe book and I love it. Everything I have baked from it is delicious. I cannot wait to delve into the new delights in this book.
And the images & design - simply perfect. Hummingbird formations in arrays of colour scattered through out the book.

See what I mean? And I haven't even begun on the recipes. Oh, this is going to be an exciting addition to my life. I spent a solid 20 minutes thumming through the book with eyes wide open and wondered who I can distribute all of the cakes to that are now going to spring forth from my oven in light of this book.

The chapters are great celebrations of annual events & seasons, and there's even a chapter entitled Rainy Day Treats. I think there is a cake to suite pretty much any occasion you could think of in here. And when I say occasion, I mean from the smallest to the greatest. I see a Spring weekend as the perfect occasion to celebrate the simple things in life - particularly friends & sunshine. 

Here's to baking for celebrations of the little joys in life.

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Rosalind said...

Saturday morning breakfast buns with Hannah is now in the diary! ;-)