Wednesday, April 27, 2011


While we were in Devon, we spent a day in Ilfracombe. The sun made everything glow gloriously. After climbing the first hill we found, we were greeted by this lady and some bold seagulls who kept us company while we ate lunch.

See? Such approachable critters. They love to help out if you're struggling to finish any food, and call their friends to let them know that food's on it's way.

John likes dislikes this photo because he says it looks like he's conquered something.

We did plenty of walking in our trusty flip flops along the South West Coastal Path, followed by a round of mini golf. I surprised myself at how closely matched John & I were, except for the time when it took me 10 hits to put the ball in the hole. John was somewhat confused by my unconventional swing; I used the club like a hockey stick because that's what felt right, and it worked for me.

John gets on a level with his challenger. I like to think he was having a little chat with the ball in this photo, telling it where to go. Let's just call him the ball whisperer.

King of his castle. Now, he really does look as though he's conquered this castle.

We ended the day in the only fitting way we could think of - with fish & chips. Except I had chicken nuggets, but fish and chips has a better ring to it.


Ros De Silva said...

Phoebe says that the last photo is her favourite picture. It looks like a lighthouse rocket. Next time can you take her with you? Or better still, who's up for a trek along the WHOLE of the South West coastal path? xx

JmanKman said...

In theory I would be up for a trek along the whole of the south west coastal path, but in practice I'd require that the trek was interrupted at regular intervals by cream teas and pub food.