Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding Weekend

It is a truly wonderful feeling to know that we have four days of weekend before work starts again, and it's all thanks to William & Kate deciding to get married on a Bank Holiday Weekend. We just so happen to be in London today, but won't be making a trip to Westminster Abbey to join the hunderds of thousands of people to see the newly married royals in person, so TV will suffice.
Apparently there have been 390 applications for road closures in London, so people can have street parties to celebrate the Royal Wedding. I love the idea of street parties - that everyone from the street comes out into the road to celebrate together, sharing food & drink & frivolities.

This afternoon, we'll be heading South East to stay with my parents for the weekend. There's always something wonderful about going home, relaxing, and dining on my Mum's delicious home cooked food.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend, Friends!

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