Monday, May 09, 2011

baking & babies

This weekend has been a lovely one. Saturday was spent baking for a special occasion, and retrieving my car from Clevedon that I had to abandon on Friday night, having dropped my keys down the drain.

Sadly I failed to take any photos of the cakes, so here are a couple of a very similar cake that I baked the other week.

I baked a carrot cake & a chocolate cake on Saturday, both triple layered, both Hummingbird Bakery recipes, and according to the guests, both delicious. (I received a marriage proposal - not from my husband - and a request for a cake delivery to the Lake District, which is a long way from here!)

The special occasion was the Dedication of Baby Rachel at church, where Rachel's wonderful parents shared with the church their desire to raise Rachel to know Jesus and His love for her, and invited us to walk with them & stand beside them in this.

There were six other babies being dedicated too, which made for a wonderful number of families and children filling our church yesterday.

The day ended with sunshine & rain, all at once, which in my opinion is a beautiful sight to behold, but one that's quite hard to capture on camera.


Andrew and Hannah said...

What a wonderful day it was! Thank you for providing us with delicious cake, beautiful bunting, precious prayers and your love and presence with us yesterday and ongoing in our friendship! You are a very special woman who I am thankful to God to call a friend. Love Hannah xx

Ben said...

1 - I read the title as 'Baking babies' first time I read it.

2- I absolutely love the backdrop in your cake pictures and I want the fabric.

3- I took very nearly the exact same picture as your last one on the very same day as you and I was going to blog it and I still might just do it anyway, just so you believe me.

4- Keep up the good work :D