Monday, May 09, 2011

whoopie pies & other things

Today I feel like writing my post in the form of the list. I think this is because of two things.

1) At school, the children were writing salad recipe instructions, in list form.

2) Ben's comment on my last post. I liked that little list. Thanks, Ben.

So, here's another little list:

1) I am eating a rather odd dinner as I type this post. I have never eaten dinner while blogging, and I have never eaten this particular dinner. It's called Chicken Chermoulla, a Moroccan dish, except I've made it with quorn instead of chicken.

2) John's out playing football, and I don't think he'll like this dinner. Sorry John.

3) I am half watching an old episode of One Born Every Minute. One of my old school friends is a midwife at St Anne's hospital where it's filmed, which I think is pretty cool.

4) I have a ramekin filled with green cream cheese frosting sat on the side in my kitchen. Do you want to see it? Ok, just let me fetch my camera...

It doesn't look too appetising, does it?!

5) I have this song and this song going through my head right now. I don't think I've ever noticed thinking of two songs at the same time, let alone a beautiful piano piece, and j lo, at the same time.

6) I had a dream last night that a swarm of bees landed on my head. One of my new colleagues is entirely responsible for this - she tells me a new story every day about the bees she has rescued. I know more about bees from a few days with this lady than I've known in my whole life.

7) I had intended for this post to be about chocolate chip whoopie pies that I made a few weeks ago for a family from church who had just had a baby. They looked like this:

Yum? Here's another photo, just to whet your appetite a little more.

8) Doesn't sunshine make everything look better?

The end.


Ros De Silva said...

hahaha! In no particular order!

1) What was the green icing for?
2) Why why why are you buying quorn??
3) Hmmm, JLo? You are a teenager! But a good running track all the same!
4) Did the bees sting you?
5) We want choc chip whoopie pies! We want choc chip whoopie pies!
6) Sunshine makes everything seem better!

Ben said...

1)Salad recipe?!
2) pleasure:)

1)Quorn - bleeeurgh
2)I hope not!
3)Mel is watching as I type
4)I'm glad you didn't fill the frame with that, not sure if I could have taken it
5)I prefer no.1 and I'm currently listening to no.2 which is making my type ultra fast
6)It's been a while since I heard about some of your crazy dreams plus Bee movie - most informative kids film of all time?
7) not gona lie a little dissapointed that its not about whoopie cushions but on the bright side they look ultra tasty
8) yes.