Saturday, May 14, 2011

saturday suppertime

This is what my saturday evening looks like today.

I rarely have supper, but today our meals have gone completely out of whack, due to a very late breakfast, followed by an evening at the cinema without having dinner. Needless to say, come the end of the film, I was a little peckish and John was feeling it was time for some food.

J: Fancy a quick Macdonald's on the way home?

H: No. It's 10pm! Far too late for dinner.

J:  I quite fancy Chinese.

H: Bleugh.

J: How about some fried chicken?

H: {silent. Amazed at John's wonderful persistence in encouraging me to eat a full blown mean at bedtime.} 

J: You're not even going to dignify that with a response, are you?!
H: It's bedtime! but I am a little hungry.

So, we settled on a breakfast muffin & hot chocolate for me {I could eat breakfast three times a day, very happily}, and an Indian curry for John. 

Two happy King's.

p.s I know the photo looks suspiciously like hot chocolate & chocolate chips, and that's because it is. The chocolate chips were left over from my afternoon snack, perfectly presented in an egg cup.


Ben said...

this put a big smile on my face

Sarah said...

Sounds delightful! I found your blog through Meg's. Happy Sunday!