Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a little bit more of Edale

The village where we spent last weekend for the wedding celebrations was beautiful, so although nearly a week has passed since then, I'm going to share a few more photos.

The picturesque little church where the wedding took place

We stayed in a lovely Bed & Breakfast called the Ramblers Inn, which I would highly recommend if you ever find yourself in the area. They have everything you need (including a pay phone, which served me well in a village that has no phone signal whatsoever, and I needed to get into the village hall), and they serve delicious food. 

On Sunday, we went for a little stroll with John's parents & sister, with the black & grey sky threatening to break forth with rains. John & I were ill equipped for this weather, only having flip flops & party shoes between us. John would stand by the notion that flip flops are the best kind of footwear, especially if it's raining & muddy, because you can just go home and wash your feet. Thankfully, John's parents were overly equipped & had extra raincoats, which were greatfully received. 

We met lots of sheep & lambs on our walk, one of which we thought had been born the day before.

 a lovely snugling-with-mama moment

this poor little lamb wanted some milk but its Mama just wanted to walk away. Milk on the move looked rather tricky

all the little lambs seemed to follow this ewe. Surely they're not all hers?!

And last but not least, a lovely pop of colour on a grey, dreary day. Beautiful intricacy.

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David Barnes said...

I think John might be right about the footwear - definitely the best camping shoes.