Thursday, May 26, 2011

beauty in the breakdown

On Tuesday I arrived home from school to see an enormous white rose flower head lying on our patio. Our neighbour has a rose bush along her fence that's adjacent to our garden, and the gusty winds had been too much for this rose.

So I scooped it up and popped it in a mug of water to enjoy a bit more of its beauty. Understandably, the rose has quickly wilted, being away from its roots. Yet every time I've looked at it, I've admired its beauty, and the line beauty in the breakdown from a song by Frou Frou has come to mind.

And this little rose came home with us from the wedding last weekend, and is sitting pretty in our lounge.

I like flowers, even when they're wilting.


Ros De Silva said...

Lovely pics Hannah. I went to Edale on a school camp when I was 13, but all I remember is eating sweets, not understanding orienteering and getting stuck in peat bogs! The roses are gorgeous too. That first one looks like a real old fashioned rose. Beautiful!

Ben said...

Not going to lie - was kind of hoping it was gonna be a post on the beauty of break dancing!