Monday, May 30, 2011

weekend round up part one: the birthday post

This weekend has seen a lot of baking & creating, which suits me just fine. To help my little brother celebrate his birthday, I baked him some chocolate chip cookies using this recipe from Joy the Baker. I had been thinking about these cookies all day on Friday,  fantasizing about filling my kitchen with the aromas of brown sugar baking, then tasting the cookies, fresh from the oven, to see if I had got the sweet-salty ratio just so.

So, it only seemed right that these were the cookies that I baked for Ben.  As he lives in Cambridge, I had to rely on the Royal Mail to deliver them safely. Sadly, they didn't arrive as quickly as I'd hoped, so as I write this he is still waiting for them.

For Ben's birthday card, I used a print that I made at university a few months ago. I was quite fond of it but not really sure what to do with it, so I'm glad I found a use for it before it found its way to the bin.

Saturday saw the second birthday of the weekend, with celebrations for my friend Sarah's 26th birthday. In true British style, we had a BBQ despite it feeling more like Autumn than Summer.  The little Aster that I bought for Sarah stood firm in spite of the winds blowing through the garden.

To round off the celebrations at Sarah's, we played Balderdash. It's the kind of game that makes you cry with laughter & eats up time in an amazing way. It was bedtime before we knew it, and we'd been playing for 3 hours. Happy days.

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