Friday, June 17, 2011

a little note

 Hello friends,

Blog posts this week have been a little sparse, haven't they? It's just been a week full of school & evenings filled with friends, with little time for any photo documenting & blogging in between. Here's a little list of a few of the things that I have appreciated this week..

John's delicious cooking
children excited by my teaching - wonderful feeling
laughter with friends
Forest school fun
this new-to-me fabric website, thanks to Helen of Simply H Designs
Adele's latest single - I love her voice
the scent of the sea & sight of children rafting
the prospect of the summer holidays starting in less than a week
the memory of swimming & sailing in the Caribbean on our honeymoon

Happy Weekend everyone! We are off to spend time with family for a special celebration which I'll tell you about next week.

I'll leave you with a photo of the glorious Caribbean sunshine, as the British skies are a far cry from being a beautiful blue at the moment.

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