Monday, June 13, 2011

sunny saturdays...

...are the best.

We took full advantage of the glorious sunshine on Saturday and went to Portishead for an afternoon by the pool. There's a lovely little lido right next to the sea for those who aren't brave enough to swim in the ocean & prefer somewhere other than pebbles for sunbathing on.

It felt like it was the summer holidays, lounging around, reading in the sunshine. Going for a swim, drying off under the hot sun. The holidays aren't here just yet, but it was nice to pretend. 

I loved how the clouds were clustering yesterday. I don't think I will ever become bored of watching the clouds.  

 See? Beautiful cloud clusters. Gathered together all in a row.

We ventured up a set of steps outside the lido as we were leaving to go home, just out of curiousity. The vista that met us included this set of wind turbines. I love how these great big energy creating structures bring a smile to John. Can you guess what John's doing in this photo? Well, as I am not patient enough to wait to see if any of you can guess, I'll just tell you. He was calculating the RPM of the turbines. The average turbine turns 14 revolutions in a minute, which is exactly what this trio of turbines were doing. I love how I would probably never have known this fact if I had not met & married a wind turbine engineer. (Does anyone else ever want to say 'turnbine' instead of turbine? Every time I type, it comes out as turnbine. Curious.)

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