Thursday, June 09, 2011

When I heard the news that a friend of mine was expecting a baby girl, I decided that I would attempt to make something a little more adventurous than a taggy blanket, which was becoming my go-to baby present for any new baby arrival that I knew of.

I decided to attempt a dress. This was my biggest sewing challenge to date, and has become my biggest sewing accomplishment. If someone had sat me down and showed me how to sew a dress, or anything else that requires more than just sewing in straight lines, I would have probably attempted this a long time ago. When it comes to following patterns, I struggle a little. I had to read, and re-read each instruction goodness knows how many times before getting clear in my head what I needed to do at each stage of the process. 

I know that it is not perfect, but I don't think it's really possible to make something completely perfect, and I am ok with that. I decided to cut out a couple of mini bird shapes from some scraps of matching fabric and attached them to a baby grow for a little extra something.

I will most definitely be making more baby dresses in the future, and who knows, I might even attempt something in adult day. At the moment, that still feels rather ambitious!


Ben said...

Ambition is the road to success! Do it!

Anonymous said...

How Gorgeous! Well done you. Keep trying to reply to your comment on my blog but pesky blogspot wont let me. Fabric shop is in Whitstable in Harbour Street xxx

Simply H said...

Well done Hannah the little dress is gorgeous, as is the vest. I too find following patterns hard, I find it much easier to just wing it! Looks like you managed perfectly x