Monday, July 04, 2011

The Wedding of Andrew & Bryony

This weekend we were London-bound again for another celebration. This time, a wedding. Have I mentioned before how I love weddings? Well, let me say it again. I love weddings. From the entrance of the Bride, to the rejoicing before God in the hymns & prayers, and the wonderful attention to detail in decorating the reception venue. 

Here's a glimpse into the wedding of our friends Andrew ('Barkers') and Bryony...

The music played for the entrance of the Bride was simply beautiful.


How brilliant is this unconvential wedding transport? The 'driver' was also one of the best men, who had done a speedy costume change after the ceremony, along with a puncture repair, before cycling off with the Bride & Groom to the reception.

There was a very summery feel to this wedding, with varying shades of yellow flowers everywhere you looked, and a few bumble bees popping up here and there. The ones on the cake suffered slightly with the heat, but the glass bumble bee nestled in the bride's bouquet did just fine. Can you spot it?

The lovely Tim & Becky - our fellow guests & hosts for the weekend - who graciously put up with my glass breaking antics (which resulted in a sliced wrist. Thankfully, my arteries are still in tact!)

My hair was a sea of twists & twirls.

There was the slightly terrifying moment, where the photographer jokingly told the groomsmen to throw the bride in the air. And they did. I am so glad she ended up back in their arms & not on the floor!

 Handpainted teapots, personalised coasters & fabric bound bread adorned each table.

And the groom well & truly got his groove on. Such fun times, I was only sad that I had to miss another friend's wedding that was happening on the very same day.

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