Tuesday, August 02, 2011

gluten free cookies.

Last week I had an order for a selection of cookies & cupcakes including a batch of gluten free cookies. I have never attempted to make anything that's gluten free before. Although once, about 4 years ago, I attempted to make a batch of cakes for a family who had just about every intolerance you can imagine. They did not work. They looked nothing like cakes - they weren't even solid - and were inedible. (Wonderfully & miraculously, this whole family were prayed for and God healed them from all of their intolerances and ever since they have been enjoying plenty of regular cake.)

I considered this previous baking disaster for people with intolerances as slightly unusual in that I had to use so many substitute ingredients that they weren't really cakes in the normal sense. I was more hopeful that these gluten free onese would be more straightforward, but needed to be informed, so I set about doing some research. I came across the gluten free goddess who has a great wealth of recipes, and ended up basing my cookies on one of her recommendations, found here. (If you are interested in making these, I substituted both the tapioca flour & brown rice flour for gluten-free flour made by Doves Farm, which you can get in most supermarkets.)

On the whole, this recipe was very similar to regular cookies, the only substitutions were gluten free flour & xanthan gum. I found some recipes which used all kinds of things from tapioca flour to sorghum flour & quinoa, so 'gluten free flour' sounded pretty normal by comparison.

They turned out beautifully.

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