Monday, August 01, 2011


There are some days when dessert feels like a necessity. Like my body is telling me that it really, truly, needs a little sweet kick after a savoury dinner. Tonight was one of those nights. As I ate my last mouthful of enchilada, I dreamed about my favourite chocolate ice cream that I wanted to eat, if only we had one left in the freezer. I shared these sentiments with John. He proffered a scone as an alternative to chocolate. I'm sorry, but this just didn't cut it. We had no butter, or jam, so the scone would have been plain boring. I wanted chocolate. 

I opened the freezer, just in case we happened to have a chocolate ice cream that I had forgotten about, and gasped with excitement when I saw the familiar box lying there. That box offered hope, that my sugar cravings might be satisfied. But it was short lived. Someone had left the empty box in the freezer. Who leaves empty boxes in freezers? Especially ice cream boxes! That's only going to lead to disappointment. 

So I moped a little and John offered a hug and again suggested that I might like the scone instead, after all, we did have a dribble of double cream in the fridge. But a scone with cream & no jam is like a cake without icing, or a cheese & pickle sandwich with no cheese. It just doesn't work. Then. Then, I remembered my wonderful friend Hannah. Oh what a brilliant lady she is. Last week we enjoyed John Lewis' version of scones (very delicious & huge), which came with a tiny pot of jam. I had half a pot left & Hannah suggested that I should pop the teeny tiny jar in my handbag. Why let good jam go to waste? Of course, I saw the wisdom in Hannah's suggestion & did just that. 

When this realization dawned on me that I had both cream and jam at my disposal, the whole situation was turned around. The dessert situation was remedied and my sugar craving was satiated. Sort of. 

{I still want chocolate.}

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