Wednesday, May 17, 2006

a bit of a scary moment

So this afternoon, I put my contact lenses in for today's adjust-the-eyes-to-contacts-sesh, and after about 40 minutes I found myself thinking that I couldn't read as well as I thought I should be able to, swiftly followed by the realization that my contacts felt incredibly comfy - so much so that I couldn't really feel them in my eyes, which, for hard lenses, is a rather unusual feeling...surely they couldn't have both fallen out without me realizing?! No way that's a ridiculous idea. I figured I'd try taking them out, just for peace of mind that I hadn't lost them, only to find that couldn't take them out. Either I was just being a bit incompetent, or they had fallen out, so I put my glasses on, and much to my horror, I could see, which meant that they must have come out.

So I proceeded to scour the hallway and my bedroom on hands and knees, hunting out two very tiny transparent lenses, all the while thinking how incredibly embarassing it will be to tell people that after 26 hours of having contact lenses, I've lost both of them....whilst on all fours, I started going through the conversation I'd have to have with the optician, and then suddenly remembered stories of contacts going behind people's eyeballs...surely not...surely I'd be able to feel them and be in considerable amounts of pain if that had happened?

I looked in the mirror, pulling down my lower eyelids to see what looked like a reflection of my eye on the lower white part of my eye..'I'm sure it's never looked like that before' I thought to myself...'wait a that my lens?' And sure enough, both my lenses were still in my eyes but had just slipped (probably from me rubbing the itchiness) right off my pupils - Thank the Lord!

So it turns out that actually it's quite easy to lose contact lenses while they're still in your eyes...

Last night I went to a Duke Special gig, which was mightily grand - a very intimate affair, due to the small size of the venue and the audience. There was hardly any seats so my friends and I sat right at the front, and I was right next to the speakers, so I felt like the drum rhythm was my heartbeat - quite a cool feeling. I'd never heard of Duke Special before - my Irish friend Maeve is into him, who is a fellow Irishman. His percussionish is a guy called chip, who plays the cheese grater with a whisk - a very creative musician.

The support act was a guy called Thomas Truax - you HAVE to check out his website to catch just a small glimpse of his style. Truly, I have never seen nor heard anyone like him. Please check out the instrument section on his webpage to see the hornicator and sister spinster, who are two of his trusty accompaniments.

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