Sunday, May 28, 2006

weddings, babies and pirates

I know it's only been just over a week since I last updated my blog, but it feels like a long time, and I've kind of missed writing about my musings. So even if no-one bothers to read this, I guess it's good just for my own catharsis!

The photo to your left was taken 2 weeks ago when some of us from church went and had a picnic at a quality place called Brandon Park, which is a bit of a haven in the middle of the city. We weren't intentionally posing for the photo, but were trying to figure out if the camera was actually going to take the photo - hence the slightly puzzled expressions on our faces. It was a lovely sunny day, which you can kind of see in the photo, and I think we haven't had a sunny day since then, which I'm finding a little sad. But hey, I'll be in Uganda soon, and every day will be sunny, which is going to be great.

The last couple of weeks have been spent working very hard on exam revision, kids cell and childminding. I've been feeling less and less like a student recently, despite being in the midst of exams. I've been aware that my experience of student life is quite different to my friends, largely because I haved a job which in a lot of ways doesn't feel like a job, and isn't really your typical student job. Also, because of my growing involvement with my church here, I spend a lot of time with Mums and people who aren't students, which I love, but I am feeling more and more detached from my uni friends, as I am unable to do a lot of the things they do because of childminding. I don't want to seem like I'm moaning, because obviously I make the choices over how I spend my time, but I'm just trying to figure out how I feel about becoming detached from some of my close friends here because of my choices...

Part of me feels totally fine about it, which kind of makes me feel that this is just the natural progression of my life, and not something to feel sad about, but there's another part which just doesn't quite understand it all. But then I guess that's the case with a lot of things, and so it makes even more sense that I just put my trust in God!!!

Last night, I went to a pirate party at the pub, which was a lot of fun - we even had our own gold, which was eddible!! Love it. Check us out in all our pirate finery!!! It was so cool to dress up - we only got heckled by 5 or so people. Not bad going, ay.

This week has been one of receiving lots of exciting news - 1 friend getting married and 2 sets of friends having babies, and of hearing from old school friends, who I've known since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Quite refreshing, yet also strange at the same time to see how everyone's lives seem to be taking rather massive progressions at the moment. Very exciting times, I have to say...

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Pterelaos said...

I can safely say people do read your blog, as I am one of them, but none the less it is good for catharsis. I spent a while giving Sarah a poor explanation of what catharsis meant after she read my blog (the amazing content filled blog that it is...).
Catharsis reminds me of something Joel had at his party last year (almost exactly one year as it is his birthday on Friday). He had a wall covered in large pieces of paper and a set of pens. It was entitled his "Catharsis wall" and by the end of the party it was covered in random musings and cool drawings done by some of the more artistically able people at the party.
I get the feeling I have been rambing a bit so I will stop now. I really should get round to posting a bit more in my blog, even if it is just to stop dad badgering me.

Cool, edible gold.