Thursday, November 15, 2007

i love tins

A couple of my friends got married a few weeks ago and to save money, they made it a bring and share affair, so there was a whole array of foods. As I was one of the last people to leave, I helped clear up and to my delight I found a whole unopened tin of chocolates. Today, we (me and my fellow year-teamers) finished the last few chocolates, and I sat there with the shiny empty tin in my hands and delighted that I had another tin to add to the ever growing collection on top of my kitchen cupboards. Out of the 20 odd tins, we have only been responsible for eating the contents of just one tin - the wedding one. The reason I have so many is because when I started baking for my church, people kindly donated their spare tins to me, and since then, there has been a steady flow. I'm going to be baking for church this Sunday, and I am very excited because baking for church means I have the perfect excuse to try out a load of new recipes.

Anyway, the point of me writing about my tins was that when I was delighting in the new addition, I unconsciously spoke my delight aloud, at which point Adam (fellow year-teamer) said, 'why do you want so many tins?' then proceeded to find the answer by texting the ask anything line. The reply he got back was 'Hannah wants so many tins because she's trying to collect enough to be able to melt them down and build a passenger liner out of them. Good luck to her.' I thought this was a much more amusing than the real reason - that it is yet another tin to fill with delicious things.

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snailsnail said...

Great to see you blogging so much - keep it up chicken.

Incidentally, a slightly more practical use for tins... and something I've been planning for, like, forever - why not make a pin-hole camera?