Saturday, March 15, 2008

Marathon dreams

Well, I really hadn't thought I was at all nervous about running the Bath Half Marathon tomorrow, but my dreams would suggest otherwise. Last night I dreamed it was the morning of the marathon, and I had gone into Broadmead (shopping area in Bristol), except it wasn't Bristol it was Canterbury, but it wasn't the actual Canterbury. I got off the train and was in the train station that only exists in my dreams - I've been there on a number of occasions. I said 'goodbye' to some of my friends from training who I see once a month, and went on my way.

I was sitting on a bench in Broadmead, eating a Muller Light peach yoghurt and a banana, when a friend (who I'm meeting for coffee today) came along. At this point I realised that I had totally forgotten the time and it was 8.30am, which is when I'm being picked up tomorrow to go to Bath. This horrible realisation dawned on me - that I wasn't at home and ready to go, and I was still eating, 2 and a half hours before the marathon started. (You're meant to stop eating 3 hours before.)

So I went to go and find my bike to cycle home, only to realise I had no idea where I'd left it. I racked my brains and still couldn't remember, so went looking, only to get lost. I came across a man and his son getting into their red BMW, and asked for a lift. He kindly obliged, and we all climbed in to the front seats. Three people on two seats was not comfy. I observed that the car was a left hand drive car, which made no sense, being in England, but it wasn't. I can remember where we were all sitting. From one perspective it was a left hand drive, from the other side it wasn't. The man proceeded to show off his fancy schmancy car which had tv screens in the sun shields. Frankly, I couldn't have cared less. I needed to get home to run a marathon!!!

Somehow the man knew where he needed to take me, and dropped me off at the starting point. But oh no! I was still in my jeans, and still eating! What was I thinking!! I think I then saw my Dad and John frantically waving and ushering me over to talk to them, but I said, 'I've got to run!!!' And that was the end of my dream. Boy am I glad it wasn't real.

(The photo is of my running shoes and my flipflops - my favourite two sets of footwear.)

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