Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yesterday's news

Well, my new personal best marathon time has quickly become yesterday's news as the events of this week have unfolded. (For those of you who don't know yet, I ran the Bath Half Marathon in 1 hour 55 mins and 11 seconds.)

I mentioned a few posts ago how although I might have had a few hiccups in my childminding, at least I've never forgotten a child. Believe it or not, that happened on Monday. In all fairness, it was not exactly my fault. I'm way too tired to explain the whole story, but I can assure you that I felt quite sick when it all unfolded and spent about half an hour playing over the conversation I envisaged ensuing with my employers where they kindly told me it wasn't working out, and please would I leave. This did not actually happen, and I still have the job, until May at least (which is when we've booked up until).

Yesterday I picked up my beautiful new bike, which really is wonderful. Only problem is, the bonding process needs a bit of working on, as she threw me off into the road today, leaving me with a skinned elbow, a very painful arm and shoulder, a bruised and cut hip (through a bodywarmer, a hoodie, a long sleeved t-shirt and a vest, I might add), and a cut knee. What actually happened was that I had just left my house and was putting in my earphones when a car pulled out from the church car park. I didn't think she'd seen me, so I breaked with my one free hand, which happened to be the front brakes. Funnily enough, breaking with one hand is not the wisest thing in the world if you want to stay on your bike rather than come face to face with the road and lose your shoe in the process. I didn't have time to be shaken up as I had to get Will from school, and was already slightly pushed for time, due to the first crisis of the morning. (See next paragraph.)

Rewind to 6.45am this morning. Jo and I are standing in the kitchen and for some reason Jo's nose has led her to believe that there's a funny smell coming from the cupboard with the boiler. When she asked me if I could smell anything I said, 'No, but there is steam coming out of the cupboard. Ummm...why is there steam coming out of the cupboard?! Oh gosh, there is water pouring out of the cupboard - what on earth is going on?'

Turns out we have a major leak and all of the electricity in the house, except the lights, went out. In our wisdom, we did not reset the switch in the fuse box for the electricity, as we all know that water and electricity are the best of friends and get a little too over excited when they see each other, so it's best to avoid this scenario at all costs. (Can you tell that I am a little bit tired by the way that I am writing?!) So no hot showers for us in the morning. Thankfully we have a wonderfully helpful man who sorts us out when we get into situations like this, and he has arranged for the emergency gas man to come round tomorrow morning and fix our pipes. The fun never stops here!!

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