Thursday, March 20, 2008

out with the old in with the new

I neglected to mention in my post yesterday that I as well as acquiring a new bike, I've managed to get rid of my old one, which I am most pleased about. Ever since discovering what a cumbersome piece of equipment it was, and ever since the bearings in the front wheel went, making it impossible to ride, I've wanted to get rid of it. On Tuesday I was going to take it to the tip with Sarah but it ended up not being possible. But when I came home last night, it was gone. Let me backtrack for a moment...about a month ago I had the bright idea that maybe if I left my old bike outside of my house unlocked, it'd get stolen. So I put it outside a month ago and have been slightly disappointed that it hasn't gone. When I came home last night and it wasn't there, I found it quite amusing how well its disappearance coincided with the new bike's arrival. Maybe it finally realised I didn't want to get it fixed and had felt outshone by the new beauty.

I don't think what I did is technically classified as fly tipping as it's on my own property, and I know I should probably have just taken it to the tip, but I was quite intrigued to see how long it would take for someone to steal it. I hope its new owners are not disappointed with their new friend.

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