Saturday, July 10, 2010



The wedding bunting project is now well under way. 

Thanks to my brilliant friend Ros, we have managed to cut 300 triangles of fabric over two lunctime sessions & I started the stitching last night.

Following the wise advice of the ridiculously talented Sarah Trigg, I cut the triangles using pinking shears then stitched the triangles double sided, with plain fabric on one side, patterned on the other. This will increase the longevity of the bunting (I plan on using it at every possible occasion, birthdays, babies, anniversarys, and just when I feel like putting up bunting around the house) & makes it all the more beautiful! 

20 down, 130 to go.


Ros De Silva said...

I'm happy to help with the stitching too! Just shout! xx

Bluebelle said...

Sweet! When is the wedding?

Hannah said...

I love you and your blog xx

S J Trigg said...

It's looking great - will look even better when ironed!
I just realised you'd linked my site when I was looking at the new 'stats' info on Blogger in Draft. Have you seen yours? sooo interesting.
Happy sewing and blogging - so nice having a friend who loves both, like me!!