Friday, July 16, 2010

I mentioned a little while ago that my nesting habits were beginning. Now, they are in full swing.

I am getting married to a wonderful man & that means that we get to have a lovely home together. The thing is, my future spouse is less interested in the 'lovely' part of lovely home. He's more than happy with just 'home.' And that is great.

Whereas I, on the otherhand, simply cannot wait to make our home lovely. We've found a little flat which suits our newly-wed needs perfectly & I'm moving there in three weeks to lovelify our home. (I just made that word up.)

The result of having dreamed for a long time about having my very own home with my very own husband is that over those years, I have built up in my mind, pictures of some of the things I would like to have in that home.

So, now that this dream is becoming a reality, I have started a tiny little bit of accumulation. I am endeavouring to be respectful of my future-husband's opinion that there is a market out there to suck women in to buying all kinds of unnecessary pretty things for their home, and that you could spend a fortune on making your home look beautiful. In trying to acknowledge this, I am aiming to be thrify. (I think making my own tea towels counts as a good start.)

Yesterday, John & I had a conversation that went a bit like this:

J: When you move into our new flat, are you imagining that you'll throw lots of things away?

H: silent while I try to work out if there are specific things that John is seeing as he looks around my room that he never wants to see in our home. 
Ummm...what kind of things did you have in mind?

J: Oh I wasn't thinking of specifics's just have a lot of stuff here and a lot of stuff in my garage & I was wondering whether you're going to get rid of any of it or just put it in the middle of each room in our house and try and find somewhere for it to go?

H: Well, I'm not really sure what to throw away...I'm trying not to hoard things...ummm...

And that was esentially where the conversation ended. 

So I'm sorry John, that after we'd had that conversation I went and bought the pots pictured above to go in our kitchen. But they really are tiny & will take up hardly any room at all & were very cheap from a charity shop, I promise...

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Tim & Becky said...

Ahahaha I know how you feel Johnny cakes! But they're onto you both already: in my reckoning the market for 'thrifty pretty things' is even bigger than the one for 'pretty things'.