Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello Friends.

The sun is shining today which makes me feel happy & warm, but I'm still stiicking with wearing tights because I'm not quite bold enough to go bare-legged yet. I might just regret it today.

This week I am gearing up to a serious baking session: 180 cupcakes for a wedding on Saturday in the Peak District. This is probably the furthest distance my little cakes have ever travelled, which is quite exciting, and also a little bit scary.

So, my mind is in a state of perpetual list making. Last night my husband gently suggested to me that I might like to make an actual list, after all, 'the faintest of inks is better than the best memory' (a very fitting quote from the episode of MadMen we had just watched). I couldn't agree more with this quote. Yet there's that slightly foolhardy part of me that likes the challenge (or is stress a better word?) of trying to keep parallel lists going in my head, so I haven't committed them to paper just yet.

Does anyone else find that when they are very busy with lots of different things to do, amidst the whirl of mentally made lists, are a selection of songs going about your head?

Or is that just me? At the moment, the songs featuring in my internal play list are a slightly odd mix:

Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man & Awake my Soul
A Fine Frenzy - What I wouldn't do {discovered on this beautiful website which causes my heart ache with the beauty, and makes me want to give up teaching to become a wedding photographer}
Vivaldi - The Four Seasons {we were listening to it at school yesterday}
An old hymn, which I have temporarily forgotten
and of course, Miss j lo, again, telling me to 'get up on the floor'

Right, it's time to fly. I've got a date with a class of 29 children & a granddad. 

Ciao x


Rosalind said...

Hahahahahaha! It's the J-Lo that did it for me. You could do a remake of that video??? Nah, don't - that'd be just wrong and unedifying! But maybe she's helpful in getting you to do what you actually need to do! Have fun making lists and baking cakes. xx

Andrew and Hannah said...

I have the same dilemma with lists, sometimes (wrongly) I try to remember everything in my head, even though I know it would help everyone if I wrote it all down but somehow I like the challenge! (I never do remember everything or get it all done!)

Love you list of songs, nice to see J-Lo has reappeared, along with .... Vivaldi!

How was the Grandad?

Safe Drive up to the Peak District with all those cakes, they'll be amazing I just know it!

Love xxx

Ben said...

Oh my, I just browsed simply blooms blog and I think I might be drooling! Have fun in the lake district - take in the surroundings while your there! Ill be back in force after the weekend with the return of my camera:)

Simply H said...

I to have a playlist of songs in my head when I am busy - including Little Lion Man and Awake my Soul - I love that album!