Saturday, January 01, 2011

a new year

Well, dear friends, 2011 is here already. To say goodbye to 2010 I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite memories from a brilliant year.

I started off with the plan to Bake 2010 cakes. I lost track when I got near to 1000, and I definitely baked a lot more than I managed to blog about. It was a great plan, and was totally achieveable, but my life got a little bit hectic when I got asked a certain question...

In February, I discovered that I had been accepted at Bath Spa University to study for a PGCE to become a teacher. One major life decision made this year. Check. (Although I still dream about baking for a living.)

In March, the favourite man in my life asked me to marry him. Second major life decision made this year. Check.

For the next six months, life was very hectic and fun, planning our wedding. I wanted to savour every wonderful moment of it, knowing that this was the one and only time in my life that this would happen, and oh how brilliant it was. I did lots of sewing to make an incredible amount of bunting, which was oh so satisfying, and starting nesting.

In July, I said goodbye to the three children who had become very much a regular feature in my life for the three years that I was their childminder, and finished working as a teaching assistant. 

The month of August arrived - the most exciting month of this year - and the final wedding preparations came together. I decided to bake my own wedding cake, with much help from a wonderful lady called Fiona, and settled on a rather unconventional cake which contained no butter, and plenty of oranges, carrots and courgettes.

Saturday 28th August was the most wonderful day when I got to marry my best friend, and wear a  beautiful dress. I would love to have this day all over again if I could because it was so wonderful. I became Mrs King and flew off to paradise in Barbados for our honeymoon.

The last few months have seen me settling into becoming a teacher and learning about being a wife, and having lots and lots of cuddles with my favourite baby, who my brilliant friend Hannah gave birth to in October. 

I am so thankful to God for His abundant goodness this year. I am looking forward to another year where I get to know more of the faithfulness of my heavenly Father, and learn to love my husband more every day. I hope to share lots of the moments with you...

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Vicki said...

Wonderful year, congratulations! Here's to 2011! x